IK Ogbonna's wife,Sonia,flaunts her booty in bikini photo.

Sonia shared this photo and warned haters and moral preachers to back off..
Check out the full pix and what she wrote;
''Squats + 40kg weights ,early 6ams struggles (I'd rather sleep you know that right?) , 3 times a week. Did I mention Oga Baby in the house? Businesses to run? Fuel scarcity? Lol .Yet,no excuses .Here is the deal: In case you attempt of writing me a moral epistle in comment section about inappropriate beach dress code , try & find effort to do the same for your own body (mind & soul) for 3 months - and GUESS WHAT WILL HAPPEN? A need for you to preach "morals" under pictures of women's bodies (whether married,single,moms or not) on social media will mysteriously disappear,I promise,instead you feel so proud and in love with yourself that you will want to take then post a bikini picture yourself (yes,YOU!) , tag me and let me get inspired to go harder & do better for myself?Taking care of yourself & looking good is an achievement on its own,why would we be proud of other achievements and not of this one? Because we are moms? Because we are married? Lol . Once you fall in love with yourself,nothing will bother you again ,and you won't need to hide under "tradition" to justify bitterness & frustration. You will also stop having "man problems" and worries I swear. Challenge accepted?''

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